4 Huge Reasons Why Oxygen is The Best WordPress Builder for 2021

Ditch Slow and Complicated Builders

As web designers, we are always looking for ways to improve our workflow and make faster and better websites. Extremely quick turnaround times are often the norm at agencies; while high quality and professional designs are also expected. There’s a constant search for the one builder, process, or tool that will make our lives easier and our work superior.

WordPress builders have evolved greatly in recent years and they are getting more powerful and more robust; they’re all competing to be the greatest and most cost-effective option. From Visual Composer to Divi, Brizy, and Elementor; WordPress builders are your best option if you want to make unique and professional websites.

Oxygen is a powerful visual builder brought to you by the Soflyy team. It is one of the fastest and most enjoyable ways to build beautiful and completely custom websites.

These are the main 4 reasons why you should switch to Oxygen and experience the power of this builder:

Oxygen’s UI will remind you of Webflow or maybe even Photoshop. On the right side, you will find the structure, with all the sections, divs, and any other elements on your page.

When you select one of the elements, the left panel will display the different properties. You can also select the specific state (hover, active, before, after; and even add other states and pseudo-classes). You can also change any properties and styles from this panel.

The screen breakpoints are customizable and choosing what happens to an element at a specific screen size has never been easier. You can add CSS to any element individually, and even change its ID and assign extra classes.

One of the most brilliant things about Oxygen, and the reason this builder is so efficient and simply awesome, is that everything happens within the same screen. You can edit your global styles and you can add global CSS or even create different stylesheets; all within the builder itself.

No more waiting for screens to load and no more tiny CSS editors! This will save you tons of time.

Oxygen UI. Selected element on the right. CSS for the element on the left.

There are three different packages starting at $99 and no matter which one you decide to purchase, you will be able to use one license for an unlimited amount of sites.

Best of all, you will also get lifetime support and updates. Compared to Elementor, for which you have to pay annually, Oxygen’s one-time purchase is a big benefit.

It feels like most builders make some things more difficult than they should be. Like the fact that with Thrive you can’t have a mobile menu with a clickable parent or Divi’s frustrating layout limitations. Oxygen will give you more freedom than any other popular builder while also keeping things uncomplicated.

With the structure panel, you will also be able to select any element effortlessly, no matter how deeply nested within other elements it may be.

Oxygen also comes with numerous elements such as sliders, toggles, tabs, pricing boxes, and most of the elements you will need for everyday projects. If you can’t find what you need or you simply want something a bit more custom; you can insert your own HTML, CSS, and JS.

Oxygen is light and fast. The number of HTTPS requests is fewer than any other builder’s and will get you excellent GT Metrix and Google PageSpeed scores. It also comes with a bloat eliminator that will allow you to disable third-party scripts and functionalities such as WP emojis.

GT Metrix results for one of my websites. Granted this is a small website but the score is still very good.

From a designer’s perspective, this builder has everything you will need and what other builders have failed to offer. It’s user-friendliness, flexibility and fantastic performance will give you full freedom to let your creativity flow and produce awesome websites without frustration and bugs.

If a blank page is too intimidating for you, Oxygen also comes with premade templates that will help you build your website very quickly. It includes hundreds of customizable blocks and an entire library of elements that can be edited to match your brand and style.

The fact that Oxygen is fast, easy to learn, relatively inexpensive, extremely flexible, and highly intuitive really makes it one of the best builders if no the best builder to use in 2021. If an unlimited number of uses and lifetime support doesn’t convince you, you can use a demo and get a feel for it and decide for yourself.

I should mention Oxygen’s creators have not paid me to write this. I’m just a fan 🙂

What is your favorite WordPress builder? Let me know in the comments!

Visual Designer — www.astridmanzo.com

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